Finlayson Coronna 10-Pack
Finlayson Coronna 10-Pack

Finlayson Coronna 10-Pack

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The cloth masks are 3-layer, of which the outer two layers are 100% cotton, and the middle layer is 100% propylene. The cloth masks are washable and therefore re-usable. They are intended for adults, and their dimensions are 19 cm x 10 cm. Maximum shrinkage in laundry is 6%. Packaging: re-sealable bags.


[Intended use]

The cloth masks may reduce airborne droplets and therefore protect other people in the vicinity of the user. The cloth masks are not classed as neither ‘Medical Devices’ nor ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ and do not provide a suitable protection against the COVID-19 virus.


[Instructions for use]

Always put the mask on with clean hands and avoid touching it during usage. The cloth mask shall only be removed by touching its rubber loops and then immediately be placed in the washing machine or a sealed plastic bag. Wash your hands and the cloth mask after each use. The cloth mask shall be washed in 90 degrees Celsius. For better form-fitting, shape the mask while it is still damp to your face. We recommend washing the cloth mask before its first use.



The cloth mask shall be removed if you experience difficulties breathing, and shall not be used by people with breathing difficulties. Each cloth mask will have a unique pattern since the cloth is cut from a single canvas.


[Storage and transportation conditions]

The packaged medical mask shall be stored in a room with normal temperature and relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, good ventilation, and fire, rat and insect prevention facilities. During transportation, keep away from moisture, light and heat.