Facemask Type I - Dispenser box 50-pack
Facemask Type I - Dispenser box 50-pack
Facemask Type I - Dispenser box 50-pack
Facemask Type I - Dispenser box 50-pack

Facemask Type I - Dispenser box 50-pack

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This product is a 3-ply medical facemask, ‘Type I’ mask according to the applicable executive standard EN 14683:2019+AC:2019. The product consists of PP nonwoven fabric, PP melt-blown fabric, nose clip and ear loops. Size 17.5 cm x 9.5 cm. Model: Ear hanging type. Packaging: Dispenser box, 50 pieces. Validity period: 2 years from production date.


[Intended use]

The disposable medical mask is intended to be worn to protect both the patient and other personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, particulate material, particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations. This is a non-sterile, disposable, single-use device intended to be used by adults.


[Product performance]

  1. Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): ≥ 95%
  2. Differential pressure (Delta-P): <40Pa/cm2
  3. Splash resistance pressure (kPa): Not required
  4. Microbial cleanliness: ≤30cfu/g


[Instructions for use]

  1. Open the sealed package and take out the mask.
  2. Attach the mask to the face and nose horizontally, with the nose clip pointing upwards.
  3. Place the fingertips of both hands on the nose clip, from the middle position, with the fingers to press inward, and gradually move to the sides to make the nose clip of the mask fit the shape of the nose.
  4. Pull the ear loops, while wearing the mask, on the ears.
  5. Spread the pleated creases and extend the mask.



  1. This product is a non-sterile type mask.
  2. This product's validity period is 2 years. Please use within validity period.
  3. The product is disposable and cannot be reused or recycled. After use, it shall be immediately destroyed or thrown into a special treatment box.
  4. Please check the integrity of the package before use. Do not use the product if the package is damaged.
  5. Do not use the product if you are allergic to it.
  6. Incorrect wearing of this product may cause breathing difficulties.
  7. Used masks are considered highly contaminated, it is essential that:

a) The body of the mask is not touched by the fingers/hands of the wearer;

b) Hands are disinfected (full hand disinfection) after mask removal;

c) A mask is worn covering the nose and mouth of the wearer, at no time a mask is hanging around the neck of the wearer.


    [Storage and transportation conditions] The packaged medical mask shall be stored in a room with normal temperature and relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, good ventilation, and fire, rat and insect prevention facilities. During transportation, keep away from moisture, light and heat.